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Best Partner for Your Digital Business Transformation

Karsatech is a provider of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure. We offer network infrastructure solutions, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), and Andon system solutions (visual management tools used in manufacturing environments)

Industry 4.0by Karsatech
Automatic Andon OEE calculation and record System

Comprehensive ICT Infrastructure Solutions by Karsatech: Network, ERP, and Andon System

Our Vision

Your Trusted Partner in Leading Digital Business Transformation.

Our Mission

Provide ICT Services

We Provide Comprehensive ICT Infrastructure Solutions by Karsatech: Network Infrastructure Solution, ERP Smart Solution, and Andon System IoT Solution

Network Infrastructure Solution

We Provide Network Solution. We Know your needs of Stable Network, so we provide Instalation and Maintenance for  LAN (Local Area Network), WAN (Wide Area Network), Surveillance Solution and Fiber Optic to ensure the best connectivity in your network.

ERP Smart Solution (Enterprise Resource Planning)

With Digital transformation we believe, it can improve the business process and increase efficiency. We provide ERP Solution like Manufacturing Process, Financial Management, Big Data Analytic, Sales and Marketing, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Supply Chain Management, Internet Of Things, ETC. We can store the data in our cloud storage within 3 years or more for backup.

Andon System

The Andon system is a vital component in lean manufacturing, promoting efficiency, quality, and rapid problem-solving. By providing real-time alerts and fostering a proactive approach to issue resolution, it helps maintain high standards of productivity and quality in manufacturing environments.

Karsatech Transformasi Digital Partner

Best Partner for Your Digital Business Transformation